My name is Jordan. I love to get dressed up. I love to dance and sing. I find people fascinating and have a need for social interaction. I also have a lot of dreams. This blog is a current dream I am working towards. Some other dreams I have on the horizon are going to hair school and auditioning on Broadway. Dreams are free so I don’t see the harm in having hundreds or even thousands of them.


Speaking of dreams I’ve had a couple come true in my lifetime. March 2011, I married my perfect match – Tim Zemp. He is the most loving man I know and the biggest entrepreneur you will ever meet. He makes my life completely unpredictable and is truly my knight in shining armor.

Jordan Cidelle and Tim Zemp's wedding

In April 2014, Tim and I both graduated from Brigham Young University – Hawaii. We definitely miss the sunshine there, but are now finding ourselves completely and blissfully distracted with the newest member of our family: Enzo Reed Zemp!


I personally read blogs to be inspired. I love learning about other people’s talents and individuality. Although I don’t consider myself an expert in a lot of areas, I am very passionate  and hope to be able to inspire people. I am going to be using this blog as an outlet to express my personal style in fashion, home, everyday life and whatever else I can dream up that day!