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Oh boy where to begin?

It’s January 2019. My baby girl just turned one. I’m finally getting a full nights rest (mostly!) And I am so enthused.

Generally, after I have a baby, I give myself a full year to solely focus on being Mom. Honestly, it’s all I can do. Between the nursing, the night feedings, the 2-3 a day nap schedule, the child watching, the self-caring/recovery, and the adjustment of a new family member I have very little capacity for anything else! And I’m okay with that, I choose that and I am very gentle with myself.

Now that I’ve hit the magic one year mark. (I’m getting enough rest, Vivienne is weaned, my hormones are regulating e.t.c) I feel so invigorated to give myself a push and be more involved. Be more involved? I’ll tell you what I mean.

I’m ready to push myself on my journey of personal growth. Don’t get me wrong, there is a TON of growth that comes with a new baby. So much growth, that that first year is mostly survival mode (at least for me.) Now that I am out of that phase I feel like I have a surplus of energy and I can choose where I want to direct it.

I love goals, so that is probably where I’ll begin. I want to set all kinds of goals. Here’s a quick list:

  • I want to cook for my family more
  • I want to teach Enzo how to read
  • I want to maintain and improve my dancing and singing talents
  • I want to keep a cleaner house
  • I want to read my scriptures more
  • I want to serve people in my community
  • I want to work out more
  • I want to organize my online files and photos
  • I want to document more

Within each of these desires, I have multiple small measurable goals and I am already working towards some! I’m taking things slow and haven’t experienced any burnout yet, but wish me luck. 🙂

Now onto the motivation behind the post. As stated above, I want to document more. So this year my friends and I are continuing with our “How We Wore It” Series. What this means is that each month we chose a theme and then we each design an outfit around it and post pictures. I love this for multiple reasons:

  • Doing this as a group keeps me accountable and motivated
  • I love putting together outfits
  • Every time I post a photoshoot I use it as an opportunity to document some life happenings. (I’m a terrible documenter, this is really all I do!)
  • I have pictures to cherish the rest of my life: Most of the photoshoots I do I like to involve my kids. I really love having these photo’s and memories to look back on that I wouldn’t otherwise.

Okay wow this is getting long. But onto some life updates and then onto my outfit!

Vivienne: She is obsessed with two things. Food and outings. If she is not bringing me to the pantry she is bringing me to the garage. I am not exaggerating when I say she grabs my finger and pulls me around the house 20+ times a day. She is social and bright! She says things like: Mama, Dada, banana, Eya (Enzo), Nana, thank you, car, Shoe, go. She loves to climb, sing and dance and she is so happy! I call her my “yes girl” because she nods yes and smiles at everything.

Enzo: He is still as tender as ever when it comes to Vivienne. He currently loves transformers. He’s obsessed with learning, specifically about the body. He asks questions all day every day and just started holding the door open for me everywhere we go. (We didnt‘ teach him that?) He is a sweet, sweet boy.

Jordan and Tim: We just bought a new vehicle! It’s a GMC Acadia and we couldn’t be more thrilled. It was hard being a one-vehicle family with Tim’s crazy schedule. He is currently in the heat of volleyball, doing online marketing and taking real estate classes. Go babe go! We also just started going to the gym and have hit three days this week. (A record for us since I got pregnant with Vivienne in March of 2017…) One of my personal goals pertaining to singing was to compete in the CS Vocal Competition that was hosted at my alma mater ASU <3 I am ecstatic to report that I made it to the second round!

I honestly have no clue what this year is going to entail, it could be our best year or our hardest. Who knows? But I will probably keep a more consistent record of my goals and updates on Instagram if you would like to follow along there.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I have a lot of catchup posts to do I and hope to post them in the near future.

Here is my outfit of the month. We chose “turtlenecks” and were inspired by winter. When I put this outfit together I wanted to come across as chic (hahah) and I was pleasantly surprised when Tim saw the photos and said ” Wow! My wife is so chic!” (He did not know that’s what I was going for.) So thanks for that Timothy! <3

My coat is from Zara (like 10 years ago) but they honestly have the best coats ever if you are looking for a cute one. My top is also old and was from the Anthropologie clearance rack. (The holy grail of clothing treatures.) Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget to check out how my friends wore it:


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