A Moment in Time + Family Pictures

I recently went down memory lane by reading some old blog posts. It reminded me how much I forget. Vivienne has been waking up every 2 hours (or less) for the past few weeks: because of this I am very sleep deprived and it manifests itself in my short term memory. I feel like if I don’t jot down some memories now they will be lost forever! I have never been the greatest at documenting our life and now I can barely remember what life what like before me and Tim had kids – how sad! So with no specific rhyme or reason, here is a snapshot of our life right now:

– Tonight we taught Enzo how to do a wheelbarrow. He thought it was hysterical as the whole family took turns doing them around the living room.

– Vivienne recently turned seven months and just stared crawling! We’ve already found 6 pieces of lego in her mouth since she has been mobile. (We are so in trouble.) She also has one tooth and growls like a monster 90% of the time. Sometimes we call her “the creature”. She also eats everything in sight. Just last week at a post season volleyball party, she at an entire sloppy joe… I don’t think that’s healthy!

– At the fore mentioned volleyball party, Enzo saw some cute girls  (3 and 5 years old) watching him through a window. There was music playing and he immediately gave them the dance performance of a lifetime. It was one of those priceless moments.

– Tim and I are doing great. He is in between volleyball seasons right now so he is around a lot more – hooray! (Or as Enzo would say “HOOYAY”) We recently watched one of each other’s all time favorite childhood movies. His pick was the Kevin Costner “Robin Hood” and mine was “Ever After.” After all these years, “Ever After” is still a 10/10 and Robin Hood was bearable because Alan Rickman was in it. 😛

In the near future we are going to visit my family in Canada! I can’t wait. Shortly after that is Enzo’s birthday which I also can’t wait for. (Typical me has already purchased all of his presents!) Wish me luck as I continue to try and jot down life moments so that I may not forget.

Here are some family pictures that my awesome sister-in-law Trisha took! They were taken in May when Vivienne was 5.5 months. We are so grateful for them. Thanks again Trisha!

P.S. for some reason a few pictures uploaded different sizes. Sorry about that. Also yes, I am aware that Vivienne is the spitting image of Timothy. <3