How We Wore It | Bold Fall Colors


Wow! I feel like I have been absent from blogging/social media for a while! There are a couple reasons for this: Lately, I have taken a couple of “social media fasts,” and, my sweet Vivienne was a sleepless infant up until last month. (As in she used to wake up 4-6 times a night, and now she only wakes up 1-2 *praises!*) Regardless, I am excited to keep using this blog to document my life whenever I can. Sometimes I wonder if I should stop posting on here, but then I visit it again and I am reminded of so many things I had forgotten. I love having this space that lets me flex my creative muscles and preserve memories. Today’s post is another ” How We Wore It ” segment, but I wanted to included 8 random things since I haven’t posted in so long!

  1. We dressed up as “The Guardian’s of the Galaxy for Halloween.” Tim was Star-Lord, I was Gamora, Enzo was Rocket and Vivienne was Baby Groot. There are pictures on Instagram if you happened to miss it!
  2. I have started to wean Vivienne. It’s always bittersweet, but I’m excited to have some body independence!
  3. Next week I am going on a girls trip with my high school BFF’s! We recently reconnected on Marco Polo and haven’t been all together in years.
  4. This “look” reminded me of my Harry Potter house (Slytherin – would you have guessed!?) And I don’t think I’ve ever written about how much I love Harry Potter. “Obsessed” would be an accurate description.
  5. Right now I’m taking voice lessons with my Mom and Mary Joy Nelson <3
  6. Tim just turned 30! For his birthday we went to a hotel and had a little staycation. Enzo got sick one night, but besides that, it was a blast! We saw “Smallfoot,” went to the Legoland discovery center, and did some swimming. Earlier when I was trying to figure out what Tim wanted for his birthday (I even hinted he could get a Nintendo switch) he responded with ” all I want for my birthday is time with my family.” So that’s what we did!
  7. Tim and I are re-watching one of our all-time favorites “Breaking Bad.”
  8. My sister-in-law Emily got MARRIED! Welcome to the family Josh Cooper.
  9. Today Vivienne took her first steps. When Enzo saw this, he asked if she could walk to him. I set her up in front of him and she took one step before he caught her, picked her up in a hug and said: “Mom, she loves me!”

These, of course, are the highlights. Our day to day life has been rather simple and repetitive and I am embracing it! Every morning Enzo wakes up and says “What are we going to do today mom!?” And every day, we do our best to take care of our house, the kids, and our bodies. I love Enzo’s sweet attitude and feel like we learn and grow a little bit each day.

Happy Halloween everybody! What are you dressing up as?

Oh! And see how my friends and I wore it below … Any fellow Slytherin’s out there?!

Top: WALMART! Like a year ago…

Pants: Target

Purse: Asos (similar)

How my friends wore it:


Brittany Lowry