A couple of things about the ones I love most


In honor of “love month,” I wanted to share a few pictures and words about the ones I love most – my family!

Tim: I’ve been obsessed with “Tim Zemp” since I was in 12th grade. (That’s how I used to refer to him when he was just a dream in my teenage heart. :P) The first thing people notice about Tim is that he is kind, confident and soft-spoken. He is an amazing volleyball coach and loves watching people grow and find success. Even in his adulthood he is addicted to Lego and has played hours upon hours of it with Enzo. (I should note he is also addicted to Dr. Pepper.) It could be that I’m a romantic, but after six years I am still completely infatuated with  “Tim Zemp.” He supports me in my dreams, he compliments me daily, and he is a really good kisser. I say it often (probably so much that it annoys him), but I LOVE him. I love him. I love him. I love him.  (Hey look at that I’m a real life Eponine.)

Enzo: Enzo tells me he loves me as often as I tell Tim I love him, so there is a lot of love in our house! He is the actual definition of a Mama’s boy and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Just now he came over to me and said “Mom, I love you so much.”  I really hope Vivienne is a Daddy’s girl so Tim can experience a little bit of what I experience with Enzo. Enzo is extremely affectionate. He gives me and Vivienne hugs and kisses 20 plus times a day – all self instigated. He also loves being active and creating things. If he is not working on a “creation” he is summoning his “super gecko muscles” and wreaking havoc on the house. He sure gives me a run for my money!

Vivienne: Our Vivienne just started smiling! She gives us a smile after every nap. She is sleeping okay – she sleeps best when she is being held or is cuddled next to someone. Between her and Enzo I’ve resigned to the fact that I will not have my own bed for YEARS! Vivienne also loves bath time. She starts breathing really excitedly every time she hears bath water running or my nursing bra unclipping. I love having a baby girl! I can’t wait to see what kind of person she grows into.

These are our first official family pictures and they were taken by the wonderful Kylie of Kylie Kirkland Photography! I could not be more excited or grateful to her! She came to our house 12 days after Vivienne was born and was a complete dream! She captured everyone’s personality and so many special moments that I will treasure forever. I had the hardest time narrowing down which pictures I should share!



Thanks for stopping by and have a WONDERFUL love month!