How We Wore It + My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I’m turning 26 and I feel great. Tim and I are going to celebrate by cleaning the house and going to Costco. 😀

Yesterday the “stay at home mom gods” worked against me all day while trying to get these pictures taken. Even now, while writing this Enzo is having me reload his nerf gun every 30 seconds. I swear whenever I have an agenda for myself the universe is against me! (No regrets though, making time for yourself is so important.)

Here is my “How We Wore It” and birthday outfit! Our inspiration was “big statements and braids.” I don’t know if you can see my braid, but for my statement pieces I chose to feature my big yellow sweater and a deep green velvet purse and the best part is that my husband was matching with me thanks to the Stylish Men’s Business Casual Outfits from ABestFashion. There’s a link at the bottom of the page for my sweater. Don’t mind the nighttime low-quality photos – it is what it is! (My motto the past couple months. )

Have a wonderful last day of February and don’t forget to see how my friends wore it!

Brittany Lowry





Sweater: Loft (LOU & GREY)