How We Wore It | Spring Sleeves

Today was a hectic day to say the least! I had a scare with the kiddos and was in a full frantic panic for 30 straight minutes. I was going to say that motherhood is not for the faint of heart – but really loving anybody is not for the faint of heart. Tim will call me dramatic -which I am – but I will never feel bad for loving my family as passionately and dramatically as I do. (Plus that what you get for marrying a girl with a graduate degree in musical theatre!) A genuine shout out to my Tim though, it was our SEVENTH anniversary yesterday. We are so ancient. I love it. He’s been with me through thick and thin; I love the respectful and mature relationship we have fostered through the years. You are it¬†babe. I love you.

Moving on to the purpose of this post – it’s “How We Wore It” time!

I am grateful for these blogging friends of mine that keep me posting at least once a month. With our crazy day, it is a miracle I was able to get this all together.

This month our theme was “sleeves.” I was so excited because for this theme because I got an awesome sleeved top for Christmas, and I hadn’t been able to shoot it yet. It’s from free people, but unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore. ¬†However! Free People is the queen of sleeves in general and they are still carrying very similar styles. If you are ever looking for something unique and eclectic I would always recommend looking there. I may even do a post of my current favorite pieces if it garners any interest.

My wannabe glamour shots are posted below. Be sure to check out how my friends wore it! (Chelannigans, Brittany Lowry & Twinnerpated) They always put together the most creative things.

Thanks for stopping by!


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