How We Wore It | Denim on Denim

For this ” How We Wore It” post, I took the literal route. I hadn’t shot pictures just Enzo and I for a while, so I dressed him up in some denim and wore him on my hip. Recently, Enzo has been driving me crazy in every sense of the word. Crazy in love, but also crazy as in I want to pull my hair out some days. My heart melts when he tells me he loves me,¬†and then my mind curses when I see that he has demolished my folded laundry. I really just need more sleep to keep up with his energy, but since that won’t happen for at least 10 years – or maybe ever – I’m trying to soak up every moment I can. I will only have a sweet¬†three-year-old Enzo once! Tim often talks about how much he admires and looks up to Enzo. He thinks he’s the coolest kid. I do too.

Thanks Enzo for still being chill enough to do a photoshoot with your Mom. You are the man.

One thing I wanted to mention about this outfit is that I’ve had the top for YEARS. It’s usually long sleeve, but I decided to roll the sleeves all the way up and it transformed into a brand new shirt! I actually like it so much that I might cut it that way. Its always fun to re-use something in a different way.

Be sure to check out how my friends wore it – they are such babes but even more so the coolest humans ever! The other day we were just talking about how funny it would be if one of these times two of us coincidently wore the same outfit. Well, this time mine and Brittany’s is pretty close! Sisters from a different mister we are. Love you girls. <3

Brittany Lowry