How We Wore It | Florals

My friends and I have yet to break our monthly streak! (Although this month we cut it super close!) Our theme this month was florals. I bought this dress online from Gap because I LOVED the pattern. It’s also super light weight, flattering and perfect for the hot Arizona summer! This dress ended up fitting me a bit shorter than I’m comfortable with, so I’m hoping to exchange it for the “tall” version, but other than that I couldn’t love it more! I will link it at the bottom of the page for those looking for a great summer dress!

Also, since I haven’t blogged personally in a while… here are 10 random life musings:

  1. Vivienne is teething! It’s a really good thing babies are cute because she has been keeping me up all hours of the night!
  2. Tim took his Varsity Boys Volleyball team to the STATE FINAL! They lost it in five, but I am so proud of him and his team for their amazing season. They were 19 – 1 in league play. (Fun fact: Tim started this boys volleyball program from scratch only three years ago.)
  3. We were able to see A Quiet Place, Avengers, and Han Solo recently. I LOVED them all!
  4. Tim’s family was in Arizona the past two weeks. We played hard and got to meet our nephew Elliot for the first time!
  5. We are going to a family reunion in South Carolina this month
  6. At this very moment Tim and I are eating pizza and watching Riverdale
  7. My Mom, her students, and my sisters are all at the Alberta provincial music festival this week! Break legs y’all! I’m hoping to compete again next year.
  8. We are planning a trip to Canada this July!
  9. Every time we go to the store Enzo looks at all the toys, and adds about 100 of them to his “birthday list.”
  10. Our only car’s engine seized, but we miraculously qualified for a full engine replacement! (A few parts were under recall.) While our car has been in the shop, we’ve been driving a tiny Hyundai Veloster car rental. Enzo and Tim call it the “race car,” although Tim loathes it.

It’s been a great summer so far and we are happy as can be! Hope you all are getting lots of rest and relaxation – don’t forget to check out how my friends wore it! (Chelannigans, Brittany Lowry, Twinnerpated & Co)

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Dress: Gap