First Trimester + Color Blocking


The first trimester of pregnancy was pretty kind to me. At the time I was just starting my last semester of university at BYU-Hawaii. In the past I’d had a tendency to overbook my semesters; so after finding out I was pregnant, I decided to set myself some boundaries to ensure that I would be able to relax and enjoy my last couple months on the island. I stepped down as dance captain on the Seasider Dance Team and arranged my schedule so I only had class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It was wonderful! My biggest symptom in my first trimester was fatigue. Oh my goodness was I fatigued! For twelve weeks straight I felt like I was living in that awful moment when you are woken from a deep sleep and your body is not yet ready for the world.  I was shocked at how drained I was, but the realization of how hard my body was working to grow a little life was really amazing. I can honestly say I was more tired in my first trimester than I am now at 39 + 2 days pregnant! Other than the fatigue I had some mild nausea, but a quick snack always solved that problem so it’s not something I can complain about.  I recognize that I am extremely lucky and that my first trimester could have been a lot worse. I know  the hand we are dealt when it comes to pregnancy is out of our control, but here are a few of my recommendations that helped me enjoy the circumstances I was given.

My First Trimester Recommendations:


  • Have a healthy stash of snacks in your fridge: I mentioned that at times I had nausea and just needed something to eat. I loved stocking up on my favorite snacks and having them on hand if I ever felt sick. My favorite snacks were fruit, cheese strings, yogurt and trail mix.
  • Keep up your exercise routine: In my first trimester I kept up my current level of exercise (about 4 times a week) and my body/mind loved me for it. Even though I was tired I was happy and felt like I could handle the stress of my final semester.  Also once I took a break from exercising in my second trimester it was really hard to get back into it – I really haven’t gotten back into it. So set your habit from the very beginning and be as diligent as you can!
  • Drink water: I am terrible at drinking water, but I know how important it is and it is something I am always working on!
  • Take naps: I am a huge advocator of sleep. I think that sleeping went hand in hand with exercise in keeping my body balanced with all the crazy hormonal changes it was going through.


Now in the first trimester I didn’t really have to worry about dressing the bump. But I wanted to share this outfit from later on in my pregnancy. I absolutely love this color blocked top. It flattered my changing shape and was a little more formal than most of my pregnancy attire. I felt like I could be dressed up while still feeling completely comfy!


Maternity Fashion, Jordan Cidelle

Maternity Fashion, Jordan Cidelle

Maternity Fashion, Jordan Cidelle

Maternity Fashion, Jordan Cidelle

Maternity Fashion, Jordan Cidelle
Photo Credit: Photography By Kels


Top: Asos

Jeans: Macys (Motherhood)

Shoes: Ardenes

Rings: TopShop/Aldo

Clutch: Asos

Lipstick: Sephora (Bite Satsuma – my absolute favorite)

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