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Golden Coil Planners!

I am so beyond excited to be doing a giveaway with Golden Coil and wanted to share why I love them and what they are all about – a.k.a  how brilliant I think they are!

First looks, because what else is there? (Swan Princess anyone?) But actually I am serious. I have never seen a more beautiful planner collection than the one offered at Golden Coil. They have a perfect selection of tasteful patterned covers, simple linen/leather covers, and creative designer covers. I just ordered my planner this past week and it took me a full hour to choose! I ended up going with the linen “Harbor” because it coordinates with my diaper bag and swaddles, but some of my other favorites were: Cranberry, Sea Glass, Buffalo Check, and Brittany Jepsen. They are all so gorgeous! Call me shallow, (it’s okay sometimes I am), but I think that the way a planner looks is so important! It stays with you an entire year!

Secondly, I wanted to talk about design and quality. Golden Coil planners have a sleeker design than most luxury planners. I prefer this, because I think it makes a planner more accessible and functional. A planner serves me best when I have it with me at all times and can write things down immediately. At this point in my life (two kids in tow) I don’t want to lug around a big heavy planner! I also need my planner to be able to hold up. From my understanding, Golden Coil uses the thickest paper in the planner market (80#!). I am so excited for this because it means the pages won’t bleed when my toddler inevitably colors on them, and they are less likely to be ripped out. Plus who doesn’t love luxury paper.

Last but not least – these planners are completely CUSTOMIZABLE! (Honestly, Golden Coil had me at the pretty covers and thick paper, but this is truly their most amazing feature!) Every Golden Coil Planner is custom and personal. There are so many things you can do, and the easiest way for me to explain it is in a list.

In your Golden Coil Planner you can:

  • Personalize your front page (e.g. This planner belongs to…)
  • Upload/input your contacts to be printed in address book pages
  • Upload/input your digital calendar or personal events
  • Choose your start and end dates (My favorite! No wasted pages, and you can order a functional planner any time of the year.)
  • Choose from many weekly/daily layouts (Note: The daily layout exceeds the maximum amount of pages, so if you choose daily it is recommended you order two 6 month planners.)
  • Insert extra pages (This is honestly the coolest! You can add meal planning pages, budgeting pages, baby feeding schedules, business planning pages, extra lined pages e.c.t. they have so many options!

Golden Coil actually has an awesome video explaining how to design your own planner. It’s super straightforward and so fun! I would highly encourage all to explore their website and to design a dream planner. (It’s completely free to design and get a planner preview!) For my dream planner I ended up using a horizontal weekly layout with lots of project planning and lined pages. I can’t wait to use it this new year and throughout this new chapter of my life. (This month I gave birth to my second child Vivienne, and I graduated with my Master’s in Musical Theatre Performance.) I have no clue what this new year is going to entail, but I am so relieved I have a planner customized to my needs. My Golden Coil will help me set goals, organize, simplify, and document whatever craziness the year brings!

One more thing I should note is that Golden Coil carries customizable notebooks as well! If you don’t need a planner, the notebook comes with all the awesome extra page options and unique layouts. For example, you could create a “meal-planning,” “project planning” or “to-do list” notebook – there are so many options! I needed a planner first, but a customized notebook is next on my list! I would love a meal-planning/fitness focused notebook now that baby Vivienne has arrived! <3

Now for the giveaway details!

One of my Instagram followers will have the chance to win their own Golden Coil notebook or planner! You can win it for yourself, or gift it to someone else this Christmas season! Each planner also comes in a gorgeous keepsake box.

To Enter:

  1. Make sure you are following both @jordancidelle and @golden.coil on Instagram
  2. Tag as many friends as you like in separate comments

For additional Entries:

  1. For 3 extra entries, share the giveaway in your Instagram story and tag both @golden.coil and @jordancidelle

The giveaway is open now (Dec 19th) and will close December 21st at 11:59 p.m.

Good luck! Merry Christmas! And thanks for stopping by! <3


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