H&M Obsessed


If you ever make it to the end of my posts, you will notice that I leave links to all the products photographed. Lately I have been a little obsessed, and three out of the four links today are from H&M! H&M has always been one of my favorite stores. They keep things trendy, reliable and affordable. Not to mention that they have an adorable children’s section! Some of Enzo’s best pieces are from H&M. This outfit was a Christmas present from my mother; she so kindly let me pick it out. My favorite part of this outfit is probably the burgundy cardigan. The length is awesome and you can wear with pretty much anything! One of my closet staples for sure.

At the end of this post I left a behind-the-scenes picture with my favorite baby boy. Yesterday he turned five months old and could not be growing any faster! If anyone has some five-month-old entertainment and/or game suggestions I am wide open to them! This busy baby likes to move from one thing to the next and some days it is hard to keep up with him! Thankfully right now he is sleeping, so I am going to rest-up with some cookies, milk, a husband and some netflix.

Wishing you all a happy and productive week!


JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-24

H&M + Justfab

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-13

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-19

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-22

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-31

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-33

JC-21 Brown Boots + Burgundy Sweater-39

Top: h&m (similar)

Cardigan: h&m

Pants: h&m

Boots: JustFab