Review: Using a Purse as a Diaper Bag


Because a diaper bag inevitably becomes a permanent part of your look, it was important to me to find one that suited my personal style. I browsed diaper bags quite a bit, and there are some really adorable ones out there, but this time around I found that the most convenient way to get exactly what I wanted was simply using a purse! I know it sounds crazy. I’ve heard from countless mothers that a good diaper bag is essential and I agree with them! I am not opposed to diaper bags in any way shape or form, but for those considering using a purse as a diaper bag I thought it might be helpful to share what I’ve learned:

Purse-Diaper bag musts:

– It must have large compartments for organization: The tan bag in the photos is divided into three compartments, two of which zip up. I use the most accessible compartment for diapers, wipes and my wallet, another compartment for a change of clothes and a receiving blanket, and then the last one for any toys, snacks, pacifiers e.c.t. This system works great for me.

– It must have a long shoulder strap: It’s amazing how quickly your hands fill up when you are caring for a little baby. It is also amazing how heavy everything can get! I love having the long should strap option so I can cut my arms some slack (Enzo you little chunskter you,) and have my hands free.

-It must have pockets: Because my diaper bag doubles as my purse, I need a few pockets for myself. I’d recommend looking for a purse with at least 2-3 pockets where you can store your phone, lipstick and anything else you don’t want lost in the abyss of baby products.

Purse-Diaper bag cons:

– Purses obviously do not come with rolled up changing pads, and unless you have a really big bag you might have to forgo the portable changing station. I personally could care less for a changing pad and that is one of the reasons I think using a purse works for me. (Blankets or paper towels do make great substitutes for changing pads.)

– Purses lack a bottle-holder pocket. Because I exclusively breastfeed, this again is not a big deal to me. For those that pump or formula feed with bottles however, it could be highly inconvenient. Of course you can go with out a bottle-holder pocket, just be sure that the cap on the bottle and/or sippy cup is sealed really tight! Nothing is worse than a diaper bag spill.

Purse-Diaper bag pros:

– You have an excellent excuse to buy a new purse.

– You have a diaper bag that suits your personal style

– If it has all the Purse-Diaper bag musts, it is extremely functional. My overall experience is positive!

I am in no way trying to convince anyone not to buy a diaper bag, the purpose of this post was solely to share what I have learned using an alternative option. Maybe when the next child makes its appearance I will try the real thing, but until then I am going to enjoy wearing my everyday purse-diaper bag!

Have a great weekend!

Photos taken by the amazing Photography By Kels!



Bag: Justfab

Top: Loft (50% off)

Pants: H&M