August Summary + Enzo’s 3rd Birthday!


We just had the craziest month of August! Why does the last month of summer always go by so fast? Some of our adventures this month included visiting our home town in Canada, a camping trip near Drayton Valley, a girls trip to New York and a Lake Powell trip to finish it all off! We’ve probably done enough traveling to last us an entire year! (Which is a good thing, considering we won’t be doing much with a new born in December! ) I was really conscious about documenting our adventures this past month and can’t wait to share them all with you!

Now that we are back, we are finally settling into a schedule. I am enjoying my time at home with Enzo, blogging, as well as taking my last class at ASU before I graduate. (So excited!) This Sunday I will be 27 weeks pregnant and entering the third trimester! I will be sure to post a pregnancy update soon. Tim is continuing his work with Voila Box  and of course coaching volleyball! This year he is coaching the Queen Creek’s ALA Varsity Girls and Boys teams, as well as his own club teams with RUSH Volleyball. (A club he started two years ago.) Life is busy, and we are happy!

Moving on to the most important update – Enzo turned three this past month! I was out of town on his actually birthday (August 19th), so we celebrated a little early with my family in Cardston, and then again with Tim’s family at Lake Powell! Enzo was so excited about his birthday. A couple days before we celebrated I was picking up wrapping paper from the store and told him, “This wrapping paper is for Enzo’s birthday! You are going to have a birthday in two more sleeps!” He completely understood and his whole face lit up. He responded, “Enzo’s birthday?! Not Jack’s? Not Eli’s?” (Both of his uncle Jack and Eli had birthday’s in June.) When his party day finally came he spend the whole day saying: “It’s Enzo’s birthday! My happy birthday!” And then when we sang to him he sang the entire happy birthday song to himself. It was pretty darn adorable.

There is so much I can say about Enzo, I’ll try to keep it short. He is currently loving his gymnastics class. (Seriously best decision ever.) He starts soccer at the end of this month so we will see how he takes to that. He really thrives on anything physical! He just finished a swimming refresher course and can swim and float in the pool with no life jacket. We also finally buckled down and started potty training this week. Yesterday was day one and we were successful about 50% of the time. We will see how today goes! He is extremely independent and doesn’t even like me to encourage him. When I tell him things like “You can do it!” He tells me, “Don’t talk mom! Don’t be silly!” He won’t even let me go in the bathroom with him to help.  Watching him grow and learn all these new things has been extremely exciting and rewarding, but my favorite thing about Enzo is how much he loves me and the baby! He randomly hugs and kisses me multiple times a day without any prompting and proclaims “I just love you mom!” He also likes to lift up my shirt and give love to the baby. (Again with no prompting.) He tickles her, pokes her, kisses her, sings to her – no jokes! He’s had a few public meltdowns because I wouldn’t let him expose my belly in public.

These pictures are from our birthday celebration in Canada, we had a delicious chicken roast dinner with our friends the Klain’s and @pepperandpalate desserts! Enzo has been obsessed with cupcakes ever since. He calls them “pupcakes!”

This summer we were fortunate to have many adventures, but the greatest highlight was being with our family! Enzo was so lucky to be able to celebrate his birthday with people who love him!  I hope you all had amazing summers!. Thank you for stopping by and best wishes as the craziness of Fall settles in!


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