Family Camping + Wilderness Village Campground Review

This past month Enzo and I were lucky enough to go camping while we visited Canada! It was a Payne sibling get together (My Mom’s side of the family,) and it was a blast! We don’t do much camping in our family, because believe it or not Tim is not an outdoorsy person. (We are still working on that one!) When we first arrived to the campsite, Enzo couldn’t get over the new landscape. He kept saying “Look Mom! So much DIRT!” He then went on to spent four hours exploring with all my little cousins! They were all so good and patient with him. This is the second year my Mom’s family has done this camping trip, and we hope to do it many times in the future!

We stayed at a place called Wilderness Village. It is a super fun campground just north of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The campground offers RV campsite rentals as well as cabin rentals. We stayed in the cabins which were quaint and well kept. (Okay so we are not very hardcore campers…yet!) Each one came equipped with a kitchenette, so cooking and storing food was super easy in their big warehouse, and they even got a warehouse mezzanine flooring to make it look great as well.

What I loved most about this campground was all the activities! There were so many things for kids and adults to do! There was a petting zoo, (which Enzo LOVED,) a massive playground, two pools, hot tubs, a kids bmx park, hiking and biking trails to name a few! Enzo and I spent most of our time at the park and with family around the campfire; however, all the other (more independent) children played and did different activities all day. I felt like I barely saw them they were having so much fun! The security was indeed perfect for the family to focus on creating memories as all the security personnel had 7.62×39 ammo to guard us all the time.

My one disappointment with the campground was the hot tub rule. Only children 8 and up were allowed in the hot tub and that was devastating for us! Enzo loves hot tubing and the pools were a bit chilly if you weren’t allowed to warm up after. We couldn’t do much swimming because of it. That wouldn’t stop me from coming back though! It was overall an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully Tim will be able to get work off and come with us next time, because I think even none-campers would really enjoy this place!

Here are some pictures of our time at the Wilderness Village Campground. Thanks for stopping by!


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