Lush Mountains + High collar

Enzo and I had so much fun on this photoshoot! My amazing sister-in-law, Trisha Zemp, had the idea to take pictures in the mountains – and they were so lush and beautiful!  We took a scenic drive up Squaw Peak and had an afternoon adventure. At first when we were exploring places to take pictures, Enzo was a little weary of his surroundings. (It may not have helped that we were talking about grizzly bears.) (Tip: Do not watch The Revenant right before going on a hike). However! As we spent more time in the area, Enzo had a ball playing in the tall grass and discovering new things. We will definitely have to return to the mountains soon.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the top. It has a high collar and a laced neck; which, I thought was beautiful, classic and sexy all at the same time. The top is also light and  comfortable. I loved styling it with a thick pair of heels which were also super comfy! A dressed-up look with a cozy feel is always my favorite thing to find! A huge thanks to Trisha for taking the pictures and a huge thanks to you for stopping by! Links are at the bottom of the page.

Utah Mountains-168

Utah Mountains-160

Utah Mountains-146

Utah Mountains-139

Utah Mountains-132

Utah Mountains-121

Utah Mountains-83

Utah Mountains-80

Utah Mountains-77

Utah Mountains-41

Utah Mountains-26

Utah Mountains-20

Utah Mountains-17

Utah Mountains-13

Utah Mountains-10

Top: Target

Bottom: AE

Shoes: Target