How We Wore It | Black on Black

I have so many things to be grateful for as of late. Well, not just as of late, but this past month things have really been put into perspective for me.

This past month I had my first spring break. My undergrad school (BYU-Hawaii) didn’t have spring break, so the concept of getting a whole week off in college to spend with my family was new and heavenly! Unfortunately the first day of spring break was not what I pictured it would be, we received news that Tim’s Grandpa Reed Zemp had passed away. When I first met Reed, his health had already began to take a toll; but, by the light in his eyes and his enduring sense of humor I knew immediately what a special man he was. Both Tim and Enzo are named after him, and I know his legacy will continue to be an example to them their entire lives. It was such an amazing blessing to go up to Canada and be with all of Tim’s family and my family! Spending time with family during spring break is what I was most looking forward to, and I had no clue that I would get to be with so many of my loved ones.

After spring break ended, crazy life resumed, and so many fun things have happened this past week! We took Enzo to his first NBA game (okay mine too), Tim and I celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary and we had the pleasure of seeing A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder!  

Between the funeral, the anniversary, the family gatherings and seeing Enzo grow every single day I could not be more overwhelmed with a peace, and yet excitement, that life is so beautiful and nothing matters more than the people you love. I cannot describe the love I have for the family I was born into, nor the family that I married into; and, with them, my sweet Tim and my joyful Enzo, I have everything I could ever need.

Now onto more superficial things (ha!), This months How We Wore It, was probably one of my favorites. I have been obsessed with black lately, and our challenge was to do an entirely black outfit. I, of course could not resist posting a few pictures of Enzo as well, so you will have to excuse his non-conformity. Blue is really a better color for him. My other favorite thing about putting this outfit together was my other newest obsession: Chokers. I know, I know. I used to think they were the ugliest things, but for some reason I love them again.

Be sure to check out how my favorite bloggers wore it! Links at the bottom of the post.


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